My rough patch this year!!

I guess most of my friends and followers have noticed that my fingers tend to break a lot lately. First it was in Brazil last year, then it was some minor hairline fractures and they healed good! Got a pretty pink cast and it got all good! Now in Venezuela I managed to break my ring…Read more My rough patch this year!!

My review on the GIN CANNIBAL!

As promised, here it is, my very own little personal review of the GIN kites CANNIBAL. The new freestyle/freeride/wave kite from my favorite brand, GIN KITEBOARDING, with a open C shape. After 3,5 years of riding the all-round ZULU 3 it was a major change for me, but luckily for the better…. The biggest and…Read more My review on the GIN CANNIBAL!

Venezuela dreaming!!

The choice was between South Africa and Venezuela this early 2014 months. After being strongly advised from a few people not to travel to Venezuela because of political problems (obviously been going on for 15 years) in the country I got even more interested. What is hiding over there behind the scares of visiting this…Read more Venezuela dreaming!!

Resting in Switzerland and Norway!!

A small update from August month. I have this month been in Switzerland for 2 weeks to relax my very tired body from the amazing time in Turkey and get ready for Brazil in beginning of september. Even tho I was tired it was really nice to kite in beautiful Lake Silvaplana. My homespot! I…Read more Resting in Switzerland and Norway!!