My rough patch this year!!

I guess most of my friends and followers have noticed that my fingers tend to break a lot lately. First it was in Brazil last year, then it was some minor hairline fractures and they healed good! Got a pretty pink cast and it got all good!

Cast Away

Now in Venezuela I managed to break my ring finger, again! And this time a bit more complicated. Its been a rough time because of misdiagnose after another misdiagnose. The day it happened the lady did not take a sideway X-ray of the finger and missed the brutal fracture seen on this photo (under), taken 3 weeks later (!!! when I was supposed to get the cast off).


So the doc in Venezuela and on my travel insurance meant that this needs a surgery. The travel insurance sent me home the day after, very sudden. In Norway the doctor meant that this do not need a surgery, so they sent me home and told me to try to move it. 3 weeks later I still had a lot of pain and swelling, plus the finger overlapped the little finger.


The new doc meant that this of course needs a surgery and that it should have been operated from day 1. So I bumped into a intern last time and this time the experienced doc that got her name on the door. Now in May I went to see a hand specialist/surgeon and he meant that I did a great job with physiotherapy on my own so we should wait with the surgery😀 Which is great news, FINALLY! So I’m 100% cleared to start kiting as normal again and pushing my limits like normal. I know its just a finger, and you might think its nothing, but its been a pain hell and you don’t realize how much you need the fingers until you don’t have them! Its still not pain free, but with warming up and kinesiotape I manage. EGYPT and BRAZIL is the plan for the rest of the year, BOOOM!! Videos coming up!!


Picture from my rehab trip to Tarifa, easy kiting and good fun😀

My review on the GIN CANNIBAL!

As promised, here it is, my very own little personal review of the GIN kites CANNIBAL. The new freestyle/freeride/wave kite from my favorite brand, GIN KITEBOARDING, with a open C shape. After 3,5 years of riding the all-round ZULU 3 it was a major change for me, but luckily for the better….


The biggest and most successful update is the BAR. With floaters connected to the bar it self and a rubber depower line, big chicken loop and removable donkey dick, the bar entered a whole new world. For me personally, this bar is PERFECTION! I could not ask for more!! Releasing goes quick and easy, and the leash connection can easy be changed by suicide mode or not. The only thing on the bar I could say is that the stopper does not move unless you are very strong!!


The KITE flies (on the fabric settings for freestyle) with absolute amazing reaction and stability. Even the small sizes are slow enough for freestyling! After using a couple of weeks getting to know the kite my tricks sticks even better than before with this three strut and lightweight kite! The slack is very good compared to the previous zulu kite and making the passing easier for both blind tricks and handle passes! The kite is not moving around when I want to focus on learning a trick, I can trust the kite! Progression is already and will be EASY with this kite😉



For the oldschoolers out there, the HANGTIME and lift is awesome when the kite is nicely powered! The 11m on the gives you more than enough time to throw in a extra backroll and even a extra grab in your favorite move. Looping goes smooth in strong wind and in light wind. Nice power in the loops!! Both hooked in and unhooked for that sake.


The RELAUNCH is easier than you think with this kind of shape, just a little pull and the kite is already up on the side and ready to fly! And I am not an expert in relaunching😉 (Depending on conditions of course) Quality of the kite is pretty good as well, one pump system AND it has a stopper ball!! Something the ZULU was missing! The kite looks a bit sad after a hard crash, but thats the shape and nothing to worry about!


I think that rounds it up🙂 So my conlusion is that CANNIBAL is a perfect kite for beginners that want to make fast progression, intermediate riders learning unhooked, freestylers/wakestylers in any level and oldschoolers!! And that is my honest opinion! IM IN LOVE!!😀

If you happen to be in Coche, Venezuela (and are a experienced rider) come find me for a test ride🙂

Venezuela dreaming!!

The choice was between South Africa and Venezuela this early 2014 months. After being strongly advised from a few people not to travel to Venezuela because of political problems (obviously been going on for 15 years) in the country I got even more interested. What is hiding over there behind the scares of visiting this country? Could it be another paradise?


The flight got fairly cheap and travel very smooth, beside a little delay in Caracas Airport. We stayed one night in El Yaque, which is one of the kitespots here, but better for windsurfers. The day after I hopped on the boat to Isla de Coche. Yes, it is full of tourists, but white sand, turquoise water and stable wind blowing all day long. And even better, its a complete off shore spot so the water is butter flat!! The accommodations range from 10-65 us dollars a night, depends if you want all inclusive or a simple room and cook yourself. Me and my better half ended up staying in Hotel Coche Paradise, a four star all inclusive! After trips after trips staying as cheap as possible, we decided for a fancy hotel for once!!


The kiting here is amazing, and the best sessions you find in the afternoon or before lunch. Almost no people on the water and just insane conditions. I now understood what everyone was talking about when they told me about Coche and why PKRA decided to be here. My tricks are slowly coming back after a while off the water from injury and new kites, the GIN CANNIBAL. Absolutely amazing for freestyle, perfectly shaped for nice free styling!

So to sum up, Venezuela is perfect, as long as you don’t walk alone around in Caracas, but go to this paradise island its a dream destination for kite boarders and I am so happy with my decision!! Catch you on the water😀

For any questions about Venezuela just write me a message and click like on my Facebook page: Aina Renolen Kiteboarding and I get back to you😉





Snowy Switzerland!!!

Since Brazil I have been in Norway to do my exams (finished with two B’s) and celebrated christmas in the Engadin, Switzerland. First days over there it was almost no snow and quite grey. I was honestly expecting snow in 1800 meters over sea! But then it all came at once, and we where ‘trapped’ in Snow paradise. All the mountain passes where at one point closed. It was magical!


Even tho the snow showed up, the wind never kicked properly in! I only got one proper snow kite session, but thats better than nothing! Playing in the snow, cross country skiing, ice skating and other activities made the days full of fun!


Now Im off to Venezuela for the next couple of months. Just kiting a lot, filming and enjoying the sweet tranquil life at Isla de Coche! See you there!!🙂





Showing of my COSTA bikini.

Autumn in Uruau, Brazil!!!

After 2,5 month in kiteboarding paradise I have to say that Brazil is really one of my favorite places in the world. Not only because of the amazing wind, but its also a great place to live and study. Its absolutely amazing and the local people in Uruau are so unbelievable nice! I got out of studying in Brazil with two top grades, many hours on the water and some new moves and improved old moves!! Cant complain about that!!

It did not end as good as I hoped with a stupid little injury 3 weeks before going home, chicken loop and a gust. I thought I just sprained one finger, even tho it was extremely painful and I could not move them for the first week. But I managed to write my exam and do one photoshoot with my good photographer friend Neppi (check his page here) ! When I came to Norway I heard that I had fractures THREE of the fingers quite bad!! No wonder it was painful… But they where healing good and no damage to ligaments, got a cast to support them for the finishing healing!!

Now in january I am all healed, and ready for Venezuela!!😀 Now the handle passes are finally gonna get powerful and high!!

See the few clips I got from Brazil in my newest movie:

Check out Pro Kite Brasil for your next Brazil trip:

Pictures from Malin Amle, Marit Nore and Neppi.

Going Big





(x-ray is taken 3,5 week after the accident)

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