Safe in Safety Bay, Australia!

After a first 13,5 hours flight from London to Kuala Lumpur with delays, and 2 hours in Kuala Lumpur and then another 6 hours to Perth, we finally arrived to our destination, Perth. One day is lost and the day is a bit upside down, but I hope to recover soon! Season here in Perth is mid november to late April and this way we have a few days to get everything together, including sleep and jetlag. Today, wednesday we are supposed to have some knots, and from tomorrow of it will be blowing 20 knots and more. I cant wait!! My board is screwed together, my GIN kites are lying by the door waiting for me to grab them and run across the street to kite in the best flatwater spot in Australia, the pond called Safety Bay! Yesterday we vistied my surfwear sponsor West surfwears HQ here in Freemantle and I got all kind of awesome surf and casual wear! Will make some photos the coming days! Their apperael is amazing!

I am allready filming a lot and after a session or two with kitesurf filming my first movie will come out. And it will be a lot to come! So keep looking out! I will keep posting every event of this stay and updates on Aussie lifestyle. So far, I love it. Havent got to kite yet, with no wind – but kitepictures are coming right up as soon as the wind is on our side!!

Good winds!


This is our beach next to Safety Bay, a bit more “choppy” , but not much.


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