Loving Australia lifestyle!

Im in my second week of Australian lifestyle here in Safety Bay, and Im absolutely in love with the place and people. And most important the wind!! My first week we had 7meter weather mostly everyday and could even go powered on my 5meter GIN Zulu 2. The last days we had some light wind, perfect for the 11 meter and some playing in the pond. A bit smelly tough, cause its getting really hot and its full of seaweed. Yummy! Had a little photo fun session today – tomorrow starts the real work, landing some new tricks. Raley blind and back to blind is first on the list, together with some kiteloops. My GIN kites are amazing, in every way; hangtime, unhooked, kitelooping, relaunching. Im just so stoked! The water is a bit chilly so my West nitro shorty is so helpfull under my boardies.

Beside kitesurfing, we had some nice fastfood dinners with good friends and seen good movies. Our location couldnt be better, I can sit up from my sofa and look straight out on Safety Bay to look if theres any wind. Amazing!!

I will keep you updated!


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