Shit happens!!

Im in my second month of my stay here in Safety bay, Australia when the worst of the worst happened. The wind was perfect 9meter weather, sun shining, feeling good and was going to land new moves all day when it happened. I went in for a raley to blind, got cought in a gust and it turned out to be more powerful than expected, blind was no option, didnt decide if I was gonna go toeside or heelside made it somewhere inbetween and crashlanded hard. One foot stuck in the footstrap and snap! Two bones in the foot broken and in a cast! The doctor said 6weeks, but if Im lucky and heal fast 3-4 weeks! Fingers crossed that right after new year I am back in the game 🙂 It could have been so much worse!! So some luck at last. And Australia have a agreement with Norway so there is NO medical expenses and no insurance crap – I walked in, did all the shit and right out again. Im very happy its a lot of good friends here, hot and sunny, good parties coming up, christmas, MUSE concert on sunday and I can watch and take photos of some great kitesurfing in the pond. Weepaa!! Cant complain!


Had a little session with my friend Sarah, so here are some new shots before the accident.


So, shit happens and for all that matters, I was lucky!!



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