Goodbye Australia, hello amazing Asia!!

Since last time I was in here my foot have finally recovered and been back on the water, but not 100%. Have suffered from a weak ankle and several setbacks with smaller injuries to the foot, I really need to learn to sit still and to ride a bicycle properly. I have now left Australia for this time. My training havent been as improved as I planned at this stage, but Im definitive better than I was before I arrived in Perth in November. Breaking the bones in my foot was really a big setback for me, and I tought it ruined my trip. But with all the amazing friends, BBQ parties and awesome kiters to watch made it all bareable and more. And would like to thank all of you for cheering me up and the support, and you know who you are.


I am now in Bali for a few days, to enjoy some surfing, resting, parties, delicious Indonesian food and massages. Before I hop along to Thailand, Phuket for the cablepark and sightseeing. Moving from Phuket to Hua hin where I will compete in the KTA (Kite tour Asia) and PKRA (pro kite world tour) I am really exited about all of the events. After that I will prob go to Boracay, Philippines to catch up with some training and good company before the summer events kicks in. Got to say, this year is looking promising.

I will try to update a bit more often since now I will have more exiting stuff happening beside me riding my self of a bicycle and waiting for wind in Australia.

For now, CHEERS!


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