KTA Thailand and a dislocated knee.

Since I left Bali about two weeks ago I arrived safely in Thailand. First I spent some days relaxing in Phuket, wich turned out to be quite boring for me with no wind and kitesurf community. So I took a 10 hour ice cold airconditioned bus to lovely, quiet and most important, windy Hua hin.  I had wind to kite every single day since I arrived and had sessions on my 11 meter GIN Zulu and 9meter. Perfect for freestyle.

The KTA (Kite tour Asia) stop of Thailand ended up in Pranburi wich is a perfect location for a kitesurf competition. It has a beach to set up and not too much chop. Day 1 was filled with action from racers and freestylers. And I met three other norwegian kitesurfers as well competing in the KTA. Not just that, we are all from the same region in Norway! How funny isnt that? Its Jannicke Stav, Christina Alstad and Rebecka Mauldal. In my first heat of the freestyle disipline I was up against Christina wich I lost against due to loosing my board few times and being very stressed, and her tricks was better. So from then I was hoping for the double elimination to happen. And it did, got my self up to competiong against Christina again when what I feared the most happened; I dislocated my knee. (not the first time, 3 years since last time) In pure panic I released my kite and Christina showed amazing sport spirit and stopped the heat to rescue me. Absolutely amazing!! Beside that I ended up  shared 5th place with Jannicke Stav and 3rd place old school, so quite happy anyway.  Sarah from France won the freestyle and she is hereby my idol, amazing style and rider. With wind everyday the event was a huge sucess, and Im gonna do the last two stops for sure.


Now on, I changed my plan a bit and travelling to the Philippines to do KTA Boracay the 6th of March and back to Thailand the 13th to do the PKRA. Im praying that my knee will co operate with my plans. Just waiting for it to heal now….. Just recovered from my foot injury, need my luck to turn now.

No more injuries!!



One thought on “KTA Thailand and a dislocated knee.

  1. Awesome good kite teacher as well 😉 hope your knee will be better in short time. Good luck for the next events. Sebastian

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