Ready for Boracay island, Kb4girls and KTA!

Since my unfortunate accident in the last stop of the KTA here in Thailand I have had some serious resting and beanbag abuse on the beach. My knee have been slowly getting back to normal in movement and pain management, but now, about two weeks after it happened I feel 90% good again. I had a few runs on the water with no pain or any other problems, thats a good sign and teaching a few students, wich I really enjoy.

Today we have rain and bad weather so I will spend the day squeezing my poor kites into a small bag and get ready for my trip to Boracay, Philippines tomorrow. I am really exited to have some strong consistent winds again and to meet all the good friends that I made here in Thailand again. And pretty important too, to party. Hua hin is amazing, but is missing some important things for a young kitesurfer travelling alone.

I will update my facebook during the week and a final report blog will come after the whole event and stay over there. I need a bit of luck this time, so wish me good luck and pray my knee will hold it together.



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