Bye bye beautiful Boracay!

I am very sad to be leaving this amazing island after a week of sun, wind and so much fun. But, I know 100% for sure where I will be found from november this year until march next year!!

The whole event started with the Kb4girls pro clinic with lovely Kristin Boese. The first day of the clinic we didnt have much wind, so no new trick for me. But I am very inspired to start trying out all the new tricks in Thailand. During the first day of competition she also was very helpful and cheering, thanks a lot Kristin. My first heat was against Christina Alstad from Norway (again) and due to strong wind and me choosing the wrong kite, I lost the first heat. But had a lot of fun after doing old school with Toby. After freestyle the beach basically disappeared because of the high tide coming in and they started up with race. Freestyle double elimination started up day 3 and went smoothly, even tho the wind was ridiculously strong and I left my 5meter in Thailand. So I did a heat completely hooked in, but still managed to win the first one. In second heat I came against Dina from Russia and lost to her since she unhooked a few times. Since my knee is very dodgy I decided not to unhook, rather loose than destroy my knee again. So got 7th place in freestyle for this event. But Rebecka Maudal, also from Norway won the TT race dicipline for girls, got to be mentioned, Im so proud!!! And Jannicke Stav , norway too, got 3rd place freestyle overall since this was the last event of the KTA. Hurrraaa for them!:-)

So now its PKRA time, just to have fun and get more competition experience. Most important is not to win, but to take a part. 😉

Ta ta.


2 thoughts on “Bye bye beautiful Boracay!

  1. Hi Aina, I’m a french ginkiteboarding rider. I just want to wish you good luck for 2011 PKRA season !! Are you going to Morocco Dakhla for the next event ? I hope you will kill it this season ! See you. Tim

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