Thailand, PKRA, storms and dreaming about snow.

My travel back from Boracay was long and stressing, but with my dear computer and Wifi I managed to survive. When I came back to my room in Hua hin someone else was sleeping in there, so 3 o`clock in the night before first day of PKRA I had nowhere to sleep. Awesome! Spent the rest of the night in my colourful Prolimit golf bag with my 5meter Zulu as a pillow.

First day of PKRA was a beautiful sunny day with light wind and they spent it on mens trials for the main event. I spent it catching up with my good friends Holly Kennedy, Nadine Merks and Sofia Lennartsson chatting about girly stuff. Day 2, no wind and a lot of free ice cream from Movenpick. Day 3, wind going mental from the total opposit side and they went through with first rounds of freestyle main event. I was lucky and advanced in to the second round in the lottery and came against prequalified Holly Kennedy. I lost so got to spend the resting and watching. Day 4, ice cold rainy Thailand day (17 degrees) and double elimination for me and won my first heat in super hard stormy conditions, for everyone. Then came against Asia Litwin, i cleary lost and finished 7th place. Happy with that. Even tho its pricemoney from 6th place. Ha ha.


After this event I realized the season here in Thailand is very bad and I decided to go home to Norway a few weeks earlier, and going now tuesday 29th in stead of late April. Doing the Red bull Ragnarok snowkite race in Norway, Haugastøl from 31st march until 3 april. 230 racers, 100 kilometers. Should be interesting, never snowkited before. I am so exited! Seeing many good friends from all over the world. After that home to see my lovely amazing family before I hit the travelling again. Hopefully making it to PKRA France, Leucate.

Will do a photoshoot with my good friend Bastiaan again from on the high mountains. A update with photos will be coming soon after the event. It might be a comedy. Or it will be!

Cheers everyone. And snow, here I cooooome!


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