Red bull Ragnarok and the end of a journey!

This weekend I attended the Red bull Ragnarok snowkite race. Not only was it my first time on snow, but I just got back from Australia and Asia two days before. It was one of the hardest thing I ever did. I started my race a bit later than everyone else, since the wind decided to not let me fly my kite. I sat my ass (on very cold snow) for 40 minutes trying to relaunch my kite before I came to the decision to change from 9meter to 11meter. By the time I started the race I think Bjørn (the winner) already finished 1,5 round. Ha ha. But with having a bigger kite I catched up with almost the whole GIN team and many others. Then the wind died, had to walk up the mountain, wind up again, wind died. By the time I got to checkpoint 5 (the last one) they already closed it, but I made one whole round wich was quite good in the conditions we had. It was such a cool event and with so many nice people. Massive thanks to for making it happen, Fluid for fixing a board and helmet, Bastiaan and Wendy for helping arranging in short notice and my dad for sending winterclothing. Im hooked on snowkiting now.



So, coming home now was the end of a long trip in Australia and Asia. It all started in Safety Bay, Australia where wind is awesome, flat water and great people. Until I broke two bones in my foot, put me on crutches and a cast for 1,5 month of my 3 month stay in Oz. Made me very happy. But everyone was great and I ended up having a amazing stay anyway, good parties, BBQs and many awesome riders to watch. Then off to Bali for a week, wich was messy and hot. Left from there to Phuket, wich was boring and hot, but met some cool people there as well. No wind so needed to leave for Hua hin. 10 hours busdrive later I ended up in windy Hua hin. Attended the KTA (Kite tour Asia) did pretty well until I dislocated my knee in my heat. 5th place. Another 2 weeks off the water, made me also very happy. Went for a week to Boracay also for the KTA. No injuries, but took it very easy because of my latest knee injury, got 7th place, 8th overall (with 2 events). Went straight from Boracay back to Hua hin, Thailand for the PKRA. Super bad conditions, but finished 7th place. After the PKRA ended the weather went really bad and didnt really see sun in a week, so I booked a flight back home just in time for the Red bull Ragnarok. Decided to go 6 days before it started, so a lot of organizing to do.



Bali from February.                           Boracay March.

Now Im home with my family, taking some rest, getting a doctor to look at my knee, get my 2011 GIN kites set finally, do some more snowkiting and plan my travels and adventures for this spring and summer. Enjoying Norway a lot, maybe I will do more here 🙂



One thought on “Red bull Ragnarok and the end of a journey!

  1. Hei! kom over bloggen din gjennom noen venner. Ser ut som om du får reist endel og kitet masse – gøy! Var innom Boracay en tur i fjor – UTROLIG fin plass! Har også bodd i Australia i maaange år så får akutt savn når jeg ser bilder derfra hehe…

    Have fun!


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