Red bull Ragnarok and the end of a journey!

Alright folks, so there’s been a lot of things happening since last time and I’ll try to give you a brief summary of how my last months been. To begin with, this weekend I attended the Red bull Ragnarok snowkite race, the hardest kite race on snow in the world. Not only was it my first time kiting on snow, but I’d just got back from my five month trip to Australia and Asia two days earlier, yes I was rather jetlagged. Honestly, participating in this race was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I started my race a wee bit later than everyone else since the wind decided to not let me fly my kite at the start and get going. I sat (on very cold, slightly wet, snow) for 40 minutes trying to get my kite in the air before I came to the wise decision to change from 9 m2 to an 11 m2. By the time I managed to start my race Bjørn, the winner, already finished 1,5 round – oh well. But with having a bigger kite I caught up with almost the whole GIN team and quite a few other contestants. Then naturally, as it always goes in the Norwegian highlands, the wind died completely. After waiting for about thirty minutes, I decided to walk up the mountain – with my kite and snowboard hanging behind. Actually, looking back, it was a magnificent feeling to be completely stranded in the middle of nowhere with the sun shining. Then the wind picked up again and way stronger, I was holding on for my life. By the time I got to checkpoint 5 (the last one) they’d already closed it, duh! But hey, I made one whole round which was quite good in the conditions we had. The event was managed professionally and the whole Massive thanks to for making it happen, Fluid for fixing a board and helmet, Bastiaan and Wendy for helping to arrange in short notice and my dad for sending down my winter clothing.



So, coming home now was the end of a long trip in Australia and Asia with many planned and unplanned events. It all started in Safety Bay, Australia where the wind was incredible, water flat as butter, and filled with tons of great people. It was all sunshine and rainbows until I broke two bones in my foot, shit happens. Half of my total stay in this unique country ended up humping around on crutches with, but everyone was great and I ended up having an amazing stay anyways.

The journey continued then to Bali, Indonesia, mainly for a Visa Run, but also as a middle station before heading over to Thailand. Kuta in Bali was messy, humid, and full of drunken Australians, not particularly what I was looking for at this point. So I took my 70kg of luggage and jumped over to Phuket, Thailand. Mainstream Phuket was rather disappointing, full of Norwegians and Russians doing nothing but tanning and drinking. Nevertheless, I managed to meet some interesting people there as well that was up for exploring with me. My travel style doesn’t involve relaxing on the beach and hanging around with “normal” tourists, but experiencing more authentic cuisine and places.

From there,  I jumped on a 10 hours bus drive to windy Hua Hin up North. There I attended the KTA competition (Tour Tour Asia) I performed very well until I, unfortunately, dislocated my knee during my heat, like it wasn’t enough injuries for this season. My standing after the abandonment was 5th place in freestyle. Another two weeks off the water encouraged me to see the more wild part of Thailand, on my little scooter, by my self. Many lessons were learnt and memories made. Note to self, do NOT try to pass an angry wild elephant on your scooter.

From there on I went for a short week to Boracay, Philippines, also for the KTA competitions. Since I’d been there the year before, it was nice to see familiar faces again. Due to my recent knee injury, I took it rather easy and ended up with a 7th place, 8th overall (with 2 events). After a fun and relaxed week in the magical Philippines, I went straight from Boracay back to Hua Hin, Thailand for the PKRA World Tour. The conditions were horrible and extremely challenging, but I finished with a 7th place. After the PKRA ended the weather did not stay on m side and I didn’t really see the sun in a week, so I booked a flight back home just in time for the Red bull Ragnarok – where this story started.



Bali from February.                           Boracay March.

Now I’m home with my family, taking some rest, getting a doctor to look at my knee, receiving my 2011 GIN kites set, and planning to hit Egypt in a couple of weeks for the first time.



One thought on “Red bull Ragnarok and the end of a journey!

  1. Hei! kom over bloggen din gjennom noen venner. Ser ut som om du får reist endel og kitet masse – gøy! Var innom Boracay en tur i fjor – UTROLIG fin plass! Har også bodd i Australia i maaange år så får akutt savn når jeg ser bilder derfra hehe…

    Have fun!


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