Touchdown Egypt, Soma bay!!

After a ridiculous long travel from Trondheim, Norway I finally arrived in the sunny and hot desert called Egypt, with destination Soma bay, Safaga. With desert as long as your eyes can reach the scenery was pretty impressing and nothing like I seen before. Locals are really friendly.  The first day was really windy and I was very exited to test the Red sea action. A coworker picked me up from the beach station and took me to the boat where the kiteschool is operating from. A big beautiful boat/yacht with so many lovely people and good atmosphere. Had a amazing first day and powered session on my 7meter Gin Zulu3.


So now almost a week later, we didnt had too much wind, but tought some lessons and got to kite some my self. Im mostly here to work so hoping for more students. We had some nice snorkeling trips to reefs around the area and jumping from the upper deck, eating delicious lunch, fun conversations, all in all, having a amazing time in the sun and heat. Now the wind is supposed to pick up in the next days, meaning a lot of teaching and kiting. There is so much space here, I dont have to worry about hitting anyone. Already learned a few new trick that Ive been eager to try, now the more complicated one have to stick.


The job, the apartment, the people and lifestyle fits me perfect so I know I will have a awesome time here. Not much happening yet, will come with more updates later. Planning to stay here at least 2 months, so until July and more competitions starts. Been so many cancellations, wich is too bad, but more time to train.



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