Loving Egypt lifestyle – kiting and camels!

I have now been here in Egypt, Soma bay for one month, working as a instructor for bigdayz.com kiteschool and kiteboat. We had strong nice wind almost every single day and so far so good. This place is amazing and I cant believe I havent gone before. I work with a amazing group of euros and egyptians and we have such a great time.

Im slowly getting some new moves in, taking it extremely easy because of my very annoying knee, but with time I will manage.  The tricks I already know is getting more consistent when the wind is lighter, when the wind is strong the good old school comes in.



All in all, this is the place to be right now. Such a amazing chilled out lifestyle. If you want a perfect kite holiday, check out www.bigdayz.com. Its absolutely amazing.

Go to work on the boat, kite, teach, chill, eat and then finish sometimes with this sick island downwinder, followed by a ice cold beer with camels in the sunset. Can life get much better ?

Stay put – new updates will come!



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