A late update from Boracay, Philippines and Merry X-mas.

In the middle of November I grabbed my kitegear and said goodbye to cold and grey Norway for some winter-training in the Philippines, on the amazing island named Boracay. Now, 1,5 month later I manage to sit down with my laptop to write a update. Its been filled with kiting, parties, teaching kitesurfing and watching all the amazing riders here. The wind have maybe not been as consistent as the other years, but even though the wind didnt show we managed to find stuff to do. This place have everything!

I will stay here until middle of April, on and off with trying to follow the KTA (Kite tour Asia). First stop of the tour is now in the middle of January here in Boracay, but because of my Visa I need to leave the country in the beginning of january. Due to cheap tickets my “visa run” will go to Singapore, which I am quite exited about.

I got in a little photo session with my turkish friend Ahmet, but we are working on some more photos when the wind calms down. During christmas we are having 30-35 knots here. Check out the first photos here.



More updates will come, will get better at it now. 😉


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