Visarun to Singapore

After 59 days in the Philippines the visa rules makes you either pay so so much to renew it, or you can leave the country and come back in. I decided to leave for a little break from the Boracay madness.


The travel there was long and a lot of waiting, typical cheap flights. But after a while I landed safe in Singapore. Day 1 was spent on shopping, a LOT of shopping; H&M,TopShop, Chinatown etc etc. Singapore is one gigantic shoppingmall and aircondition machine. So hot, but still so cooled down. At night me and my boyfriend went to the Singapore flyer, a massive ferris wheel who is at 165 meter at the highest point. Seeing all of Singapore at night, amazing.

Day 2 was spent at the Singapore Zoo, a outdoor zoo with all kind of amazing animals from all over the world. I love Zoo`s so perfect for me. Right next to the Zoo they have a Night safari, which is a night zoo, so we can see the animals how they really behave. This was so cool, walking around in the bush in complete darkness. Recommended!!!


Day3 was a bit rainy and cold actually, beside the aircon. So we went to one of the biggest digital malls in the world. So insanely big, with all kind of electronics. Fixed my iPhone, finally! At night the IMAX theathre for Mission Impossible!

Day 4 was the last day and spent in the theme park Universal Studios Singapore. It belongs to the Disney world concept, but is the smallest one in the world. With parts like SciFi city, Jurassic Park, Ancient Egypt, Madagascar land etc, we had a super funny childish day. The Transformers rollercoaster was the absolute favorite, so adrenaline making. Pretty tired after this day!

So after this it was time to go home to Boracay for the opening party for the KTA competition the same day, and the start of the comp the day after. Now 2 busy weeks with competitions, puh.



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