KTA Boracay and the Funboard cup!

Right after the trip to Singapore the KTA competition started here in Boracay; with 16 girls the competition looked hard already from the moment I signed up. In the first day of competition the wind was strong and gusty, so everyone was maxed on 6 and 7 meter kites. My first heat was against Michalina, who is a really strong and good rider so I had no chance to make it through to next round. She ended up 3rd place in the singles. In the doubles I got a easy way in to the second round going against a girl that could only make jumps. I had on the other hand a really good heat, landing all my tricks both ways – a good practice round! In the next round I came against Asian champion, and friend, Aya Oshima, and lost due to a raley to blind. So now I will train my ass off to get that trick and more!! The level was really high this year, with the girls doing handlepasses!


The day after the KTA the Boracay International funboard cup started. I was really tired, but decided to enter anyway, even tho the wind looked really bad for the whole week. I managed to do 3 races, and finished 1st in two of them and 2nd in one, making me 3rd overall doing only 3 races out of 9 finished. I also did the speed challenge, with a fever, and also got 3rd place there. So all in all, a pretty fun and good competition, with very high level.


So now I will train as much as I can before KTA Thailand and try to stay healthy!!! Will go the summer for some super flat water in Sri Lanka, and there I expect my level to get much higher!



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