Thailand and KTA Pranburi

Time for another KTA in Thailand and because of the visa, again, I decided to go a bit earlier to the land of smiles to do some sightseeing as well before my favorite kite competition kicks off 🙂

We had three whole days set of for Bangkok, since I actually never really been to Bangkok, then a few days in the Hua hin wake park and afterwards five days with the Kite tour Asia competition. In Bangkok we lived in the middle of the busiest party road, Khao san Road, so got to do some shopping and parties Thai style and see a few temples, like proper tourists.


After Bangkok we headed down south to Hua hin for a couple of days with wakeboarding. Since I have a unstable knee I spent the time catching up with some good friends from all over the world and a few Singha beers. Good times.

The KTA started with low wind and not so good prediction, but it completely changed and we got good powered 9 meter wind, so the freestyle dicipline was on. My first heat in the singles I won, completely powered on my 11 meter. The second heat was against the amazing Su Kay from New Zealand, strong and consistent rider. So I lost this one. In the doubles I again won my first heat,and made it to the third round against Michalina, and lost again against her, which let me finish with a 7th place for this competition. With such a high level for the girls this year, Im happy with my achievement.

captured by ANNY BARLOW  Captured by ANNY BARLOW

(Kite pictures by the lovely Anny Barlow)

I landed my first raley to blind during a afternoon training session in Pranburi, a trick I wanted to learn for a long time, so that was a personal victory for me. Now Im motivated for more and more and more new tricks.

Thanks to all the people who made this event awesome and such a good time. Back to Boracay to pray for some after season wind to train a bit more before hitting Europe again 🙂


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