Last week in Boracay

The winter season in Boracay is already finished, but we are still enjoying the last few weeks here with light winds and sun. The summer is approaching, and the temperature is rising. My stay here have been awesome in many ways; great people around me, windy, sunny and great parties. But not so windy as I hoped. And most important for me, I stayed injury free!! Last winter and summer season was a nightmare for me with breaking my foot followed by dislocating my knee twice!! This holds me back and makes me take it easy.

My progression went really slow in the beginning because of too strong wind or just simply too many people. I lost also my entire motivation during february. It was always high tide, too un-consistent choppy and CROWDED. Now the last month it got less crowded, and I learned heaps of new tricks. Now in May heading to Sri Lanka and flat water to make them powerful and consistent. Exited does not cover how I feel about it!!

The competitions where not a huge success for me, but I hope that I can push my level to make a better placing for the upcoming competitions. Also happy to be ranked 14th place overall in the IKA rankings. Click here to check it out. The most important is not to win, but to participate. With so low numbers of women in Kite competitions, its necessary.

I made a little Gopro movie from April. Didnt get space in the water to film any before now. I only had a Gopro, light wind and iMovie, but Im still very happy with the result. Nothing special, but a good sum up from my progression here. It will be out after easter!!!

 From the GoPro.




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