Switzerland and Snowkiting.

Right after returning from Phlippines, I went a week and a half to Switzerland. Staying in the amazing mountains of St Moritz and Pontresina. Its absolutely beautiful up there – a huge contrast from sunny white beaches of Boracay. We got a lot of snow up there, even tho its late April, but being 1800 meters over sea its not so unexpected. With so much snow and clear blue sky, and wind, there was no reason not to go for a snowkite session or two. Had great conditions in the beginning of the session, but then the wind got madly strong and gusty so I decided to stop. Snowkiting on my belly is not that much fun. Haha. Didnt got any action shots this time, but tried out a few aerial tricks, a bit harder on snow, and cruised up and down the mountains. Such a great feeling. Decided that next year I will look more into snowkiting and snowkite competitions. Will be nice with a change from the sunny beaches I normally live on! Beside that Im absolutely in love with Switzerland and their mountains, have a look at the photos under from the week over there. After Im home in Norway, where its no snow, and a lot of cold cold rain.

Stay tuned, cheers!!




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