Norway time!!

The last three weeks I have been home in Norway visiting my family, friends and working. And also a little break from kiting for my self. I have been on long hard bicycle trips and doing workouts for my poor little knee so I wont have any problems when I go to Sri Lanka. Im planning to do a huge jump in my level over there so I can maybe catch up with the european tour in autumn. Was really nice to be home on this time of year, warming up everyday and light until midnight.


I also celebrated the Norway national day on 17th of May actually in Norway for the first time in many many many years – selling hot dogs, chocolate and soda. Lucky I said yes to this, cause thewhole day was raining away. Norway is a beautiful place and I love it there very much – just the kiting is not so good, for me.


Now I am back in Switzerland getting ready for Sri Lanka hardcore training trip. I got my brand new Bruna shadow harness, which is awesome, new GIN kites and my XENON La luz board. I will update often about my progression and the spot.


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