Sri Lanka kite paradise!

I have been here in Sri Lanka, close to the town called Kalpitya for 3 weeks now. The place is the definition to undeveloped and far away from the civilization I am used to. With other words, the perfect place for a pure kite experience, since the place got some of the most amazing empty lagoons and consistent wind I have seen during my travels the last 4 years. The wind never stops, in 3 weeks we did not have one single day with no wind. It is almost no nightlife, but the kite people gets together once or twice a week to have a few beers, or the local rum/whiskey Arrak. Food wise its hard to get meat of any kind, so a standard meal is based on a lot of seafood.

For me personally this place is the perfect place to learn new tricks and really focus on kiting and kiting only! My motivation is vibrating and the new tricks just keep on getting landed. I had a few set backs with wounds that wont heal and a bigger infection in my body which required antibiotics, some days the wind just simply was too strong and gusty for unhooking, but I still some got time left to get all the blinds and wrapped consistent and hopefully also nail a airpass before I go home!!


I will do some more updates as the time flies by here and look out for my movie in making!



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