Back in Europe; Switzerland bound!

So I have now been back from the most amazing and special trip to Sri Lanka for almost 3 weeks. I have to say that this trip was something really different and interesting, since the place is not completely developed for tourists yet. All that I have to say, best kitespot so far! Flat water, no people, a bit gusty wind, but all day and always windy. Only 3 days of my 2,5 month there without wind. Recommended!!


Now I have been most of the time in Switzerland enjoying good food, awesome weather, lake Silvaplana kiting with a lot of great people, parties and so much more. I love this country and specially the mountains around St Moritz where my man grew up and lives. Had a few sick days with testing gear in Silvaplana, strong wind, sun and hot; wouldnt believe that this is Switzerland.


Yesterday I came back to little Norway, visiting my mother and competing in the national championships in racing here in Norway. Not really my field, but fun to meet all the people again and kite in Norwegian waters. Lets see how it goes 🙂


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