2nd in the Norwegian race championship!!!!

So last weekend on the lovely spot called Hvasser in Tjøme, Norway, the official Norwegian race championships happened for the first time. The original name for the event is called “Kongen av Færder” (was a fun invitational event last year) and the course is set to go around a beautiful lighthouse called Færder and back to the main land. (16 nautical miles) Due to Wikipedias info this place is know for being on of the most weather challenging places in Norway and that when the autum storms hit, its directly dangerous. With 4 categorys as many as 66 crazy vikings entered this event. My self in the twin tip, since I have not had the possiility to train on a raceboard yet.(its on my to-do list) The event was organized by Urge, one of the biggest kiteshops in Norway. Creds goes to Camilla and Martin for amazing work!

(Pictures taken by Liv Grønli,my mother and photographer) 

The day started so beautiful, with sun and tshirt weather even for me (not normal), but not much wind. So we hanged around waiting and chilling in the sun. Then slowly the wind came and the race started around 5 oclock. It was extremely light, and I was struggeling so much to get out of the bay, even sat for 15 min on a little island (holme) waiting with my friend Rebecka. But we started and the wind picked up perfectly for my 11meter and I manage to finish 2nd for this race!! After Linn, she was waaay ahead because of amazing upwind and kiting skills, well done! But Im very happy getting a silver medal in a norwegian championship and I am very happy and surprised! Amazing event with great people, next year Im going raceboard and I hope many more girls will do the same 🙂

TT Podium with (from left) 2nd: Me, 1st: Linn, 3rd: Rebecka Maudal 🙂

Now In October Im off to BRAZIIIL for more freestyle training and making another movie. I will also focus a bit on wave kiting! See you all there 🙂


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