Living the good life in BRAZIL!

I have now been in Uruau, Brazil for 3 weeks, and I absolutely love it here! I have met so many awesome people, gone on daytrips in the area, drinking caipis, eated acai, kited almost everyday and had so much fun! This place got everything in walking distance; restaurants, supermarket and most important, the spot it self!

During this weeks I was hanging out with my good friend Nicolas, and his kite clinic KiteAcademy here in Uruau which was a big sucess! I wouldnt had this awesome time without my super sweet and helpful Pousada Vida boa here in Uruau!

My personal progression is going the right way, and now entering a new and interesting fase of my kitesurfing carriere; the airpasses! Also tried boots, and lets just say; I dont hate it! Trying to get a pair out here! Stay tuned for more updates about the good life and training in Brazil!

Thanks to talented Caroline Gauvin and OUIKITE for the pictures!! There are more on my Facebook page and for Ouikite!

Good winds!!!


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