BOOTS in Brazil!!

I have now been in Uruau, Brazil for over a month now! Still in love, but time to move on. Tomorrow Im off to Cumbuco for the very first time, Im kinda exited to see what its all about! I also did like everyone else at the moment; tried some boots!! With that I also got a new passion for the sport and what I am doing, got all my tricks down on video with the boots! They bring for sure more power and style into the tricks! Unfortunately they are not mine and I will have to return them and go back to my straps very soon.


If someone in Brazil at the moment got BOOTS that fits size 39 (EUR) for sale or anything PLEASE contact me!! (

Im still here until 22 january and would love to continue my progression with the boots. And of course straps!

Progression and filming for the Brazil movie is going quite well, landed 2 new tricks in one week and got them a few times! I am also working on finding a kitesponsor since GIN decided to leave the market! A lot of interesting things in progress!!


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