Snowkiting in Berninapass!!!

A week ish ago after leaving beautiful Brazil I went snow kiting again in Switzerland, a country I love so much. The spot is called Berninapass and is simply just amazing for snow kiting. It was a hard transfer from 30 degrees, sun and palm trees to – 20 snow, ice and mountains, at least the sun stayed. Just a few days after this magic session, the flu hit me very hard and kept me from playing in the snow again and from doing anything actually. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!

Snooow  snowkite


Now Im back in Norway shortly to see my friends and family and sort out my new gear before Im leaving again for Asia and my favorite kiteboarding competition KTA! It will be the third year I enter this comp and I have loved the atmosphere and people every year. I am sure I won’t be disappointed this year as well as new and old people will join, and the level for girls will be very high 🙂 See you all there in 1,5 week!!


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