KTA Indonesia!!

After my trip to Brazil I spent a couple of weeks back home with my family and friends before taking off to Asia to some KTA – Kite tour Asia stops!! For the first time the KTA had a event in Indonesia and the expectations where low wind and big kites! I just got my new equipment from my awesome new sponsor Liquid force and was very exited to test them out properly!! The wind picked up a LOT and all the girls went on 7-9 meter kites!! The freestyle began on day 2 and I won my first heat landing raley to blind and back to blind, barely without ever riding my kites before! The second heat I lost against the winner Victoria, so wasnt too disapointed about that! She rocks!!! In the double elimination I went big from the start when I should have taken it easy, completely ridiculous overpowered on my 11meter Hifi X! Second trick I crashed the kite and the fifth line wrapped around the kite and that was it for me, was a bit stupid from me to go for the blinds early and also not knowing my equipment properly – never had 5 lines before!! BUT, lesson learned and I got 2 weeks in Thailand before the next stop!! Shit happens!! Got loads of great pictures with my new gear and had so much fun with the KTA crew!! Bintan is so lovely and the organizers did a fabulous job with this event!! Cant wait for the KTA Thailand!!

Woop woop!!

Alexandru Baranescu photography!IndoLoveKTA Indo Day 2 - Anny Barlow

KTA Indo Day 2-112

Last two photos is from talented Anny Barlow!!


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