KTA Thailand and Philippines!!

I have to say, the last two weeks have been crazy! First it was the KTA (Kite tour Asia) Thailand and then just a few days after the KTA Boracay, Philippines started. Both events known for good winds and good parties. The event in Thailand started with a lot of racing because of light wind, but we finally got enough (!) wind for freestyle. I was in my first heat against last years 3rd overall Ali Dudfield, the wind was extremely light and I was way underpowered on my 11meter so didnt managed to do much. Ali had the best heat she ever had and won well deserved. The forecast looked bad for the doubles, but the last day we managed to start and I climbed my way up to 5th place which Im very satisfied with. Great parties, great people, amazing Thai food, a very successful event!


After I decided to go to Boracay, since I anyway had to leave Thailand for the visa (even tho my accounts are very empty) But with cheap flight and ferry ride I made it happen. In Boracay the season was basically over, but with wind in the mornings we managed to start some freestyle. I had a suuuper bad first heat, with a very scary incident with almost drowning because of boots and leash and got really shaken up. So I lost when I could have won. And in my first heat in the doubles I got once again very talented Ali Dudfield, and almost managed to win with a super close heat, but my high kite put me out. Anyway, I realized with this event I am maybe not a competitive rider, I get too stressed and forget to have fun, which is why I do kiting in the first place!! So from now on I will make movies, ride and progress for fun and maybe maybe I will try another competition later this year! We will see!

AinaAli BoracayInstagramPic

But even tho the results didnt come out like I hoped, coming back to Boracay was amazing and I had such a great time over there, the time with KTA this year have been unforgettable. THANKS guys!!!

And yeah, after 3 rounds of the tour I am 4th overall in the Kite tour Asia!! YEAH!! Now Im back in Thailand for hopefully get some progression and filming in!! lets see!!

More pictures for this post will come!!! Slow internet!!


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