My time in Asia!!

I went to Asia in february to participate in the KTA Indonesia on a little resort Island called Bintan. We where staying in a resort called Agro, didnt see much beside that to be honest. As a kite spot it was very hard to launch as the wind went slightly off shore, plus the constant fear of stepping on stonefish! But the water was really flat!! Normally the wind is light, but for KTA the wind decided to surprise everyone and put girls on 7meter kites during freestyle!! We got treated very nice over there and since I met up with some old and new friends it was just awesome!!

1st KTA Bintan - Indonesia: Day Three 1st KTA Bintan - Indonesia: Day Three

After that I decided to go directly to Thailand, where the second stop of the competition would be 3 weeks later! I love Thailand, the food, the people, the living… Its simply amazing! If the wind would howl over there, its NO doubt where I would be spending my seasons. But sadly its not, since 11 meter is the biggest kite I enjoy kiting on, I did not spend a lot of my time kiting over there. The competition got wind luckily, low wind for the singles and stronger for the start of the doubles where I was climbing the ladder with my 9meter! All in all, it was a successful competition with great parties and good friends around!! I even went wake boarding and hit a kicker on my first session, I guess its easier after years of kiting!

KTA Thailand - Final Day-70 wakeboarding


The next stop for the KTA was in Boracay island in the Philippines. Since I spent a long time there already last year, I just planned a short week over there, also the end of the season. Wind was kind of unstable, strong early and dropping 11.30 everyday. But they managed to pull of the singles, doubles and a whole lot of racing!! I had a lot of fun over there meeting up with so many good friends and enjoying the island! Competition went really bad with loads of bad luck sadly! I realized Im maybe not such a competition rider as I thought! After I hit the Republic wake park on the way home, second time wake boarding I hit sliders, kickers and tried stuff to blind!! So much fun!!

KTAPhilippines2013 - Day 4-38  Kicker

Waiting for Europe to heat up, I decided to spend the rest of April in Thailand, Pak nam pran. Absolutely NO wind, going crazy, eating way to much Thai food, but good way to wait for the winter to pass back home! Now Im happily in bright and shiny Norway!! Next stop; Turkey, Sri Lanka, Egypt? Who knows!!

SunseThailand Thailand


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