Made my own personalized GIN prototypes!!

GIN KITEBOARDING is at the moment developing the 2014 GIN freestyle kite. As I am leaving for a couple of months to Turkey in middle of june to train and film I am obliged to use my own GIN kites. And guess what; GIN KITEBOARDING is offering me 2 kite prototypes with my own personalized flavors!! This is a dream coming true for me, I got to choose all the colors on each part of the kite my self!! I am a very colorful girl and always look for kites with the most extraordinary colors to express my self! After asking my facebook friends and friends during a voting on my page I ended up with the design under! Its on the way to the factory  and I am more than exited to see the result on my very own ONE OF A KIND set of kites!! How amazing isnt this??

GINkiteboarding AinaSummerkites

In june we will see how the final result will look! I will for sure share some pictures with my beauties!!


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