Silvaplana; Mountain wonderland!!

I have just spent fairly enough time at home in Norway. (1,5 month) and it was time to move the restless corps to another country. The summer destination will be Turkey, but on the way down I took a little pitstop in Switzerland and the beautiful mountains of the Engadin. The kitespot Silvaplana is still one of my favorites in the world, it takes my breath away every session. Not because of crashing in the ice cold glacier water, no because of the amazing scenery. Since I went back with GIN KITEBOARDING I got the opportunity to choose my own colors on my very own prototypes as I needed this kites for Turkey. I am very happy with the result, have a look at the pictures! Beautiful Swissyland never disappoints, kiting for 4 days, night fishing with the boys, eating the best pizza, hanging out on my boyfriends farm and being surrounded by amazing nature. I love it. Next stop TURKEY! Stay tuned!






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