After spending a little week here in Turkey already, its a fact; this place is AMAZING!! The wind is always there, perfect for my 9m GIN kite, the food is delicious, the turkish people are so friendly and the weather is always good. Its a little bit more expensive than I expected, but so worth it! After spending a half year in Boracay I know a lot of people here on the beach, since thats where most of them go during winter. Really great to see them all again! So far I have kited at least two sessions everyday, always powered on 9m. Working on getting my old tricks back and also pitching in some new moves for my Turkey kite movie! I really enjoy being back with GIN KITEBOARDING and the prototypes are flying perfect. I now remember how insanely much I love kiteboarding. More updates are coming 😉

Its quite a bit different situation other places in the country and with my whole heart I really hope they will get it how they want it and put an end to this!!



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