Awesome summer in Turkey!!

I have now returned “home” to Switzerland after 1,5 month in amazing Turkey, Gokova. I met so many great turkish riders all over the world, and it was really nice to see the spot they came from and always told me to come visit. The food, the villages, the people and the weather is simply just perfect. Its maybe not the most perfect flat water spot, but got pretty consistent chop so it was easy to manage after a week getting used to. I highly recommend this spot for beginners and freeriders. As a freestyler it tends to get quite crowded at times, but you always find time and space.The wind came in every single day beside 3-4 days from 11am until 7pm more or less. It was blowing perfectly for my 9m and after having a quite though kiting year it felt great to nail my old tricks again, even in choppy water. Progression wise I decided to work more on getting the old tricks back with more power and also getting the passion back. I did really not kite much this year, for many reasons, but feeling finally back to where I should be and Turkey was a great warm up for three months in Brazil starting in September. Cant wait!! See many of you guys over there for a awesome fall in kite paradise!! Cheers!!

Here are some shots from my time over there!! Tomorrow, Wednesday, Im posting a little kite edit, stay tuned!!










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