Good times in Brazil, again!!




I have now been in amazing Uruau, Brazil for 2 wonderful windy weeks! The kiting and lifestyle here is just perfect here since I also just started my bachelor in Marketing and leadership on the side. But I got an athlete status that allows me to bring it with me on my travels and come back for the exams in December. Fits me perfect!

Brazil is delivering every day. I have landed a few mini handlepasses and now working on getting them higher and more powerful. Its great to be back here, there is a reason why Brazil got the best kites pots in the world and attracts kiters in all levels and from all over the world.

Currently hanging out with so many inspiring kite girls and kite guys, taking pictures, laughing and goofing around the lagoon while also training hard on the tricks we want to land!! Its important to also have fun!

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Check out some of the pictures from my friend Neppi under and like his facebook page to see more sick photos!


© Neppi Photography









Photo under by Malin Amle!!




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