Brazil; Kite, eat, sleep, study!!

After two beautiful months in Brazil my stay here is slowly coming to an end. I need head homewards to do my exams and finally spend december and christmas with family, its been over 3 years since last white christmas. The time here have been wonderful, I learned some new tricks and got more power in my old ones.  And I achieved the goal to land a handlepass!! And got it quite consistent as well. Now I managed to injure my fingers exactly when I was starting to film a movie, so Im praying that I can kite and film the last week before I head home 26th november.

I have on top of progressing and kiting two sessions almost every day, completed 6 demanding school assignments that I needed to get accepted to take the exams. Extremely happy that I can combine my passion with doing my degree in Marketing and leadership.

Now its just the exams left, one homeexam on monday and one 17th december! Wish me luck!!!!

Check out some pictures under!! Pictures from Marit Nore, Neppi Jokanovic and Roman, Sunniva and the danish crew!!








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