Autumn in Uruau, Brazil!!!

After 2,5 month in kiteboarding paradise I have to say that Brazil is really one of my favorite places in the world. Not only because of the amazing wind, but its also a great place to live and study. Its absolutely amazing and the local people in Uruau are so unbelievable nice! I got out of studying in Brazil with two top grades, many hours on the water and some new moves and improved old moves!! Cant complain about that!!

It did not end as good as I hoped with a stupid little injury 3 weeks before going home, chicken loop and a gust. I thought I just sprained one finger, even tho it was extremely painful and I could not move them for the first week. But I managed to write my exam and do one photoshoot with my good photographer friend Neppi (check his page here) ! When I came to Norway I heard that I had fractures THREE of the fingers quite bad!! No wonder it was painful… But they where healing good and no damage to ligaments, got a cast to support them for the finishing healing!!

Now in january I am all healed, and ready for Venezuela!! 😀 Now the handle passes are finally gonna get powerful and high!!

See the few clips I got from Brazil in my newest movie:

Check out Pro Kite Brasil for your next Brazil trip:

Pictures from Malin Amle, Marit Nore and Neppi.

Going Big





(x-ray is taken 3,5 week after the accident)

frontsmallaina GrabsmallAina Grab3ainaSmall



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