Venezuela dreaming!!

The choice was between South Africa and Venezuela this early 2014 months. After being strongly advised from a few people not to travel to Venezuela because of political problems (obviously been going on for 15 years) in the country I got even more interested. What is hiding over there behind the scares of visiting this country? Could it be another paradise?


The flight got fairly cheap and travel very smooth, beside a little delay in Caracas Airport. We stayed one night in El Yaque, which is one of the kitespots here, but better for windsurfers. The day after I hopped on the boat to Isla de Coche. Yes, it is full of tourists, but white sand, turquoise water and stable wind blowing all day long. And even better, its a complete off shore spot so the water is butter flat!! The accommodations range from 10-65 us dollars a night, depends if you want all inclusive or a simple room and cook yourself. Me and my better half ended up staying in Hotel Coche Paradise, a four star all inclusive! After trips after trips staying as cheap as possible, we decided for a fancy hotel for once!!


The kiting here is amazing, and the best sessions you find in the afternoon or before lunch. Almost no people on the water and just insane conditions. I now understood what everyone was talking about when they told me about Coche and why PKRA decided to be here. My tricks are slowly coming back after a while off the water from injury and new kites, the GIN CANNIBAL. Absolutely amazing for freestyle, perfectly shaped for nice free styling!

So to sum up, Venezuela is perfect, as long as you don’t walk alone around in Caracas, but go to this paradise island its a dream destination for kite boarders and I am so happy with my decision!! Catch you on the water 😀

For any questions about Venezuela just write me a message and click like on my Facebook page: Aina Renolen Kiteboarding and I get back to you 😉






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