My rough patch this year!!

I guess most of my friends and followers have noticed that my fingers tend to break a lot lately. First it was in Brazil last year, then it was some minor hairline fractures and they healed good! Got a pretty pink cast and it got all good!

Cast Away

Now in Venezuela I managed to break my ring finger, again! And this time a bit more complicated. Its been a rough time because of misdiagnose after another misdiagnose. The day it happened the lady did not take a sideway X-ray of the finger and missed the brutal fracture seen on this photo (under), taken 3 weeks later (!!! when I was supposed to get the cast off).


So the doc in Venezuela and on my travel insurance meant that this needs a surgery. The travel insurance sent me home the day after, very sudden. In Norway the doctor meant that this do not need a surgery, so they sent me home and told me to try to move it. 3 weeks later I still had a lot of pain and swelling, plus the finger overlapped the little finger.


The new doc meant that this of course needs a surgery and that it should have been operated from day 1. So I bumped into a intern last time and this time the experienced doc that got her name on the door. Now in May I went to see a hand specialist/surgeon and he meant that I did a great job with physiotherapy on my own so we should wait with the surgery 😀 Which is great news, FINALLY! So I’m 100% cleared to start kiting as normal again and pushing my limits like normal. I know its just a finger, and you might think its nothing, but its been a pain hell and you don’t realize how much you need the fingers until you don’t have them! Its still not pain free, but with warming up and kinesiotape I manage. EGYPT and BRAZIL is the plan for the rest of the year, BOOOM!! Videos coming up!!


Picture from my rehab trip to Tarifa, easy kiting and good fun 😀


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