My story

AinaRenolenFull name: Aina Grønli Renolen,

Current age: 28

Years kiting: 8

Nationality: Norway

Homespot: All over the world.

Favorite kitespot: Safety bay (Aus), Uruau (Brazil) and Kapaladdi (Sri Lanka)

Favorite kite/kitesize: 9m GIN Cannibal

Best move: Back to wrapped

Likes: Kiting, traveling, chilling, beach, sunsets, chilled drinks with friends, food.

Dislikes: Bad weather, cold water, wetsuits, negative persons, tight clothing, warm beer.

My story:

To make a long story short; I grew up in Trondheim, Norway living part time with my mother and part time with my dad. Always loved the outdoors; ocean, mountains, forest, snow, water was always a big part of me while growing up.
I always did sports in every kind. Snowboarding since I was 9 years old, handball from 6 years old and football from 12. Together with casual dancing, volleyball and ice-hockey.

When I was 14 I got the diagnose scoliosis, which is a genetic spinal disease and gives a curved spine. (See picture to the left) In most cases they treat it with a corset, but for me it had gone too far without anyone (beside me) realizing it. It was very hard being 14 and having a hunchback, trust me. So a massive surgery taking 11 hours was needed. It was successful, even though I had 30% chance of becoming paralysed. The recovery was hard as I needed to learn how to walk from scratch and months with physiotherapy and pain. I got a 30 cm scar to remind me on my upper body and the x-ray pics (picture to the right is my current back). BUT: If I wouldnt have done this surgery I would be in a wheel chair today!

My doctor said, NO more extremesports for at least 2-3 years and that I would always need to take care. So I did, only went to fitness studios to stay in shape. In 2008 I decided to go study spanish in Dominican Republic after a rather miserable year at university in Trondheim. I did not know anything about kitesurfing when I arrived in Cabarete, which turned out to be kitesurf mecca. I had some lessons, and I could feel that this is a sport who is though on the back, but decided to go for it anyway. I did my lessons, but then I didn’t practice that much anymore since I was scared after an incident with a surf leash and kite board. Went I returned to Cabarete in 2009 and started working as a Kiteschool manager in April I finally got the push I needed to start properly. And since that I have traveled the world doing what I love, discovering new and basic spots. To name a few: Sri Lanka being so amazing in many ways, Australia having the best spots, Egypt, Thailand with the best food, Philippines best parties and Brazil being kiteboarding heaven! I started doing competitions and found great pleasure in that, since I am very competitive. But it wasn’t exactly what I wanted from the sport, so I went into doing marketing for my brands in another way. In 2013 I started a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management, that I completed while traveling. Every semester in a new destination.

Live the life you love, love the life you live! Nothing is impossible!

n536935279_925809_4600   ryggen



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