Brazil; Kite, eat, sleep, study!!

After two beautiful months in Brazil my stay here is slowly coming to an end. I need head homewards to do my exams and finally spend december and christmas with family, its been over 3 years since last white christmas. The time here have been wonderful, I learned some new tricks and got more power…Read more Brazil; Kite, eat, sleep, study!!


Good times in Brazil, again!!

      I have now been in amazing Uruau, Brazil for 2 wonderful windy weeks! The kiting and lifestyle here is just perfect here since I also just started my bachelor in Marketing and leadership on the side. But I got an athlete status that allows me to bring it with me on my…Read more Good times in Brazil, again!!

Resting in Switzerland and Norway!!

A small update from August month. I have this month been in Switzerland for 2 weeks to relax my very tired body from the amazing time in Turkey and get ready for Brazil in beginning of september. Even tho I was tired it was really nice to kite in beautiful Lake Silvaplana. My homespot! I…Read more Resting in Switzerland and Norway!!


After spending a little week here in Turkey already, its a fact; this place is AMAZING!! The wind is always there, perfect for my 9m GIN kite, the food is delicious, the turkish people are so friendly and the weather is always good. Its a little bit more expensive than I expected, but so worth…Read more TURKEY!!