Since I started competing in 2010 this is my results:

2010: PKRA Thailand qualifier, (participated for fun) no official ranking.

2010: PKRA Cabarete 9th place freestyle.

2011: KTA Thailand 5th place freestyle, 3rd place oldschool.

2011: KTA Boracay 7th place freestyle.

KTA Overall 2011 8th place.

2011: PKRA Thailand, 7th place freestyle.

2011: International Kiteboarding Association  World Ranking, 14th overall Freestyle.

2012: KTA Boracay – 9th place freestyle

2012: Boracay international Funboard cup; 3rd place course racing and slalom, 3rd place speed challenge.

2012: KTA Thailand, Pranburi – 7th Freestyle.

2012: NM (Norwegian championships) –  2nd place TT RACE.

2013: KTA Thailand, Pranburi 5th Freestyle

2013: KTA overall after 3 events completed- 4th overall Freestyle (Left the tour after 3 stops)


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